Damazan vs Bordeaux 14/06/2015

 Bordeaux versus Damazan played 14/6 at Bordeaux
 Gagan won the toss in this return match against Bordeaux. Unfortunately the batting never got going and only Shafi managed to hang around for 19 
 being top score. Damazan ended on 8 for 90. Afzal took 3 for 24 and Ahmad 2 for 12. The highlight of the day was the afternoon tea with a 
 lovely curry and nice wine to accompany. After that Damazan tried to sacrifice some pride but Bordeaux easily knocked off the runs in the 24th over     finishing in 2 for 91. Apart from two early wickets Bordeaux were led from the front by captain Clinton Ferreira who finished on 55 not out. Gagan Singh     took 1 for 14 off 8 overs. So it was a most disappointing game for Damazan despite the fact that Bordeaux are one the top sides in the competition.