France Cricket

For technical and coaching questions : contact David BORDES, country technical director, at

For management and strategic issues : contact Eddie CANNON, VP of France Cricket, at

For questions relating specifically to the game of cricket in the south-west of france, contact Andy CRAWFORD, president of the regional association, at

Fédération Française de Baseball, Softball (et Cricket)

The official (government-recognised) body which regulates all clubs that are active within the three sports (including administration, playing licences, health, etc.). It is best to go via David BORDES (see above) who is actually part of the Fédération.

The Fédération has a regional operation, based in Bordeaux, called the Ligue d'Aquitaine.  Contact via Peter TOWNSEND

Association des Clubs de Cricket au Sud Ouest 


This is the body charged by France Cricket with the hands-on management of cricket in the south-west of France, including fixture management. 

ACCSO president is Andy CRAWFORD (see France Cricket above); secretary is Peter TOWNSEND at

ACCSO website

EYMET CC of the southwest region, just like us always attempting to fly-the-flag

Other Recommended Links 

Blevins Franks

Blevin Franks, specialists in conselling ex-pats on insurance and financial matter, are long-time sponsors of the south-west France Cup tournament.  Contact via Rupert HOLDERNESS - at


Paul Spencer

Paul used to be a Damazan player & has sponsored our quiz

night Buffets, it's very much appreciated. Anyone wanting quality sausages,Bacon etc. please take a look at PAULS website.



This extremely useful website is a God-send to people who live - or plan to live - in Aquitaine and for whom speaking English is still more comfortable, especially when it comes to ferreting out information about laws and regulations, health and leisure, finding english-speaking artisans, etc.