2013 Match Reports

Damazan vs Pacific played on 27/8/2013 by Richard Lytton

Damazan had to pull up for this match after the disappointment of the defeat in the Siddal's Cup two day before. Coming in to the match with a weakened team and a jaded desire to  play reflected in the match. After finally winning a toss Damazan captain, yours truly, decided to bat first. The weather was much improved and it was decided that 35 overs was the go. After the quick dismisssal of Swaran Singh, his brother, Gagan Singh came out to join Richard Lytton. The two steadied the innings and played out to reasonable opening bowlers before Lytton chopped a ball on to his stumps with the score on 72. The batting never really took off and when Gagan Singh was caught on 53 Damazan were in all sorts of trouble. It was looking like a score of only 160 too 170, however, young Max Warner played a lone role and batted well above his 14 years of age. He realised the importance of sticking out to the 35th over and picked off the bad balls and rode the good ones, even tried to farm the strike. As a result Damazan finished on a respectable 9 for 197. As par for the course is around 230 runs off 35 overs that score was a little low. Gagan Singh top scored with 53, Max Warner score 43 not out and Richard Lytton 37. For Pacific Tony T. picked up 3 for 48 and Bledoe bowled well with 2 for 23 off 7 overs. Afternoon tea was enjoyed and the weather held good.

Pacific started their chase slowly with tight bowling from Gagan Singh and Marcus Harris. It really appeared that Damazan were in control of the match but the Pacific crews middle order stuck to their task and with a combination of left and right handed batsmen began to unsettle the line of the Damazan bowlers. Fielding by Damazan was showing the effects of playing a match two days before and errors started to creep in. Pacific capitalised on the situation and began to close in on their target of 198.  In the end there were two ball remaining and one run needed for victory.  Gagan Singh bowled a superb last over but the one run came after Goffi failed to run out a desperate Pacific batsman from within 2 meters of the wickets! Pacific finishing at 6 for 198- one ball to spare!   A really enjoyable match, competitive and with high drama at the end. Gledlow top scored for Pacific with 58 and Hall cracked 45.  Marcus Harris bowled fantastically taking 2 for 12 off 7 overs. Goffi picked up 2 for 46.

Champagne moment must be the incredible stop by specialist fielder David Atkins who managed to stop the ball with his foot as he was looking towards the boundry.
Siddals Cup final Damazan vs Bordeaux 25/8/2013 by Richard Lytton

The first final for Damazan in 8 years was played against the same team Damazan beat in the 2005 final. The scheduled 35 over match was played under playing conditions that could be described as poor at best. With the threat of imminent rain the team that won the toss would certainly be in the box seat, Bordeaux won the toss and chose to bat.

The openers Raynor and Duggans played sensible cricket playing out the ace bowlers of Damazan, Gagan Singh  and Marcus Harris. After 10 overs they had just 40 on the board, certainly moderate but what was to come later justified the steady start. After the 20th over the two openers were still there, scoring had increased slightly to 110 runs. At just over 5 runs an over a score around 220/230 runs seemed a possibility; a good score but certainly within target for Damazan.
However, Bordeaux began punishing the bowling severely with too much leg side bowling and the partnership ended on 198 in the 27th over. It must be said that the damage had one and truly been done and Bordeaux were chasing a potential 300 with 9 wickets in hand. Damazan's bowlers could not get the breakthroughs  or limit the scoring and Bordeaux's innings could not end fast enough for Damazan eventually finishing on 2 for 293. It has to be said that Bordeaux batted with controlled aggression and deserved the enormous total that they achieved, Raynor topped the scoring with 110 and his fellow opener, Duggans, pipped out on a century with 96. Damazan's bowlers toiled hard but there was too many loose deliveries and some poor fielding, including several dropped chances. Gagan Singh bowled well taking 1 for 42 off 7 overs and Marcus Harris toiled for 7 overs with good figures of 0 for 39.
Everyone enjoyed the copious afternoon teas as the weather steadily became worse.
As rain began to fall and the seeing conditions became increasingly worse much discussion was made about the likely reduction in the number of overs available for Damazan to bat or the possibility of the match being abandoned. The 294 needed for victory would have been very hard under normal conditions of play; under the rain and bad light a victory would have required a miracle. The umpires decided that the rain was "light" enough to allow Damazan to commence it's innings. Reluctantly the Damazan openers trudged out to the crease. Bordeaux's opening bowler, Kashif, did not worry about "slowing" his pace down and quickly ripped through the two openers- both bowled. This left the two best Damazan batsmen to contend  with the conditions and pace of the bowlers. Gagan Singh and Marcus Harris put up some resistance before Gagan too was bowled on 21. Damazan's captain, Sanjay Seth, battled away with Marcus before he fell for 16. Swaran Singh played well to score 28 and Marcus holed out on 46.  After Swaran's dismissal there was little resistance and Damazan were all out for 161.  It must also be said that the match was won and lost after the first dig but Damazan certainly were hard done by in losing the toss and having to bat under atrocious conditions.
Bordeaux's bowlers, Raynor completing a double taking 3 for 21 and Kashif bowling with pace finishing with 2 for 23.
Congratulations to the Bordeaux team, another Siddals cup. In the end Damazan played competitively given the conditions and all can be proud of making the final of the Siddals cup.
Thanks to all who helped set up the day and a special mention to Sheila and Linda who toiled under very difficult conditions.
Champagne moment, Raynor's innings.
ABC vs Damazan - Sunday 18th August 2013 by Pete Matthews

For this 35 over match the weather was hot & sunny so the ABC Captain, Gordon, had no hesitation in choosing to bat first. Andrew & A B Hishek scored very slowly at around 2 an over & even on a difficult track this was never going to be quick enough. The usual pair of Gagan & Marcus kept things very tight especially with the erratic bounce. Andrew departed, run out by Goffi, this saved Pete as he had just dropped him in the slips & it has to be said, it was a dolly. Wickets fell fairly often, amongst them was David falling to a fine forward diving catch in the gully by the Damazan Captain, Sanjay. Sudhir got stuck in but was bowled by Sanjay having made a good start, 22. With most of the ABC batting now gone runs came slowly & not too many of them. Wickets fell fairly evenly to all the Damazan bowlers. ABC finished on 128. Sudhir 22 & Andrew 15. Sanjay 3 for 17 off 7, Mansoor 2 for 25 off 7 & Alan 2 for 32 off 7.

After tea Pete & Richard opened but within a few balls Pete was gone. Richard & Gagan soon set about the total & the runs came at about 5 an over. Nowadays Richard looks like a different batsman, scoring runs & quickly. The ABC players tried their best & appealed for several catches from Gagan & eventually he was caught in the deep but the damage was already done with the score on 90. Richard went for a fine 28 & then a little wobble set in, Marcus, Goffi & Mansoor found the uneven bounce difficult to cope with & runs slowed but with not many runs needed for Damazan ABC needed a minor miracle to win this one. In the 30th over Damazan reached their target having lost 5 wickets.  Damazan 129 for 5 in 29.3 overs. Gagan 43 & Richard 28. Mandar 2 for 21 off 7.

Champagne Moment :- Seeing Jean Claude out in the middle again. Hope we see more of you. Also, the catch in the gully by Sanjay.
Damazan vs Catus -  Saturday 10th Aug 2013. Siddalls Cup - Semi Final, by Richard Lytton

Under pleasant weather conditions around 26° Catus captain Ken Sutton won the toss and decided to bat first. Catus got off to a reasonable start scoring at around 4 runs an over. However Damazan's bowlers lead by Marcus Harris and Gagan Singh kept up a good line and lengh limiting the scoring with the outfield demanding around 6 runs an over for a competitive score. Catus's middle order became bogged down a bit and wickets began to fall. In particular Goffi bowled a sublime line and lengh and took crucial wickets. It was looking like Catus would struggle to get above 180 runs but again things turned when Patras wield his bat in a most effective manner; he single handedly pushed the score to a respectable total of 215 remaining not out 86. He was assisted by several dropped catches but all credit to Patras who played an exceptional innings. The ever reliable Rob scored 32 and Ratim 21.

Excellent bowling from all Damazan's bowlers and on the whole a well oiled fielding display by Damazan. Goffi took 2 for 31, Swaran 2 for 33 and Marcus 2 for 37.

All enjoyed the  afternoon tea with the best tea ladies in the west excelling- thanks Linda and Sheila!

Damazan commenced a winning total of 216 in a sound manner, with openers Peter Matthews and Richard Lytton knocking a solid 52 run opening partnership. Matthews and Goffi were dismissed and Gagan Singh struck a fine 32. Scoring accelerated with Gagan and then Marcus Harris commenced a plundering innings, he quickly surpassed 50 but the overall rate required was still competive. Catus knew that a lot depended on Marcus but Marcus also realised this and kept his cool, Sanjay played an important role and hung in with Marcus. Further acceleration from Marcus saw Damazan move into a position of possible victory, quick wickets may have made the difference but Marcus carried the team over the line scoring a magnificant 92 not out; little doubt his most important innings for Damazan. Along with  Gagan's 32  Richard scored 28 and Sanjay 26. The best for Catus was Kavanagh with 2 for 22 and Raheem 1 for 33.

Congratulations to all the players from Damazan as well as all supporters who attended. Champagne moment must be the superb performance of Marcus, special mention to the author who successfully headed a ball in an attempt  to catch Patras.

Roll on the final on the 25 August and a call to all supporters of Damazan to come down and support against Bordeaux a difficult final match, a victory is possible.


Damazan vs Beckenham -  Thursday 8th Aug 2013. by Richard Lytton

Warmish conditions for this 40 over match, toss won by Sanjay Seth who sent the Beckenham in to bat.  Much hope for an improved performance following the 20/20 debacle  against Catus. Beckenham batsmen started off with a lot of edges against a fast and furious Gagan Singh, after early dismissal Beckenham's batsmen started to play some attractive shots and several of their scored well, it was looking like a big chase but Damazan' bowlers stuck to their task limiting the total to 7 fo 259. Dickman top scored with 67, A.Smith 58 and Engel 43. Gagan Singh took 2 for 27 and Richard Lytton 2 for 41.

Following the much relished afternoon tea it was Damazan's turn to bat. Beckenham's opeing bowler Purwar bowled with early pace and a superb slips catch saw Lytton out early for 9. The rest of the innings was held together by Peter Matthews who battled against a mixture of medium pace and spin bowling. Unfortunately nobody really stuck with Peter and Damazan's innings faded to be all out for 139. Peter solid with 61, Sanjay 19 and Goffi 18. Spinner S.Tyler took a fine 3 for 5 off 7 overs and Pulwar bowled with nice pace taking 2 for 26.

Fine overall performance by Beckenham who won by 120 runs, hope to see you all back next year.

Not much champagne save a stalwart innings by Peter Matthews.


Catus vs Damazan -  Sunday 4th Aug 2013. T20 Qualification Match by Richard Lytton

Damazan went into this match with an inferior team and unprepared. Played over two matches under hot conditions, the toss won by Catus on each occasion.

The first match started with a flurry with Damazan's bowlers carted to every part of the ground. With the little stream nearby it appeared to be fishing rather than cricket given the number of times the balls were "fished" out of the stream. Credit given to the Catus batsmen, Rob Allen made a fine 61 and Shafik a senstional 76. Not a lot can be said for the bowling with the exception of Mansoor Rana who bowled reasonable well with 1 for 36. Catus' s total was massive at 3 for 232. The hope was that Damazan would at least make a respectable total, however, it was not to be  with Damazan knocked over for 50, again Mansoor adapted himself scoring 15. Catus bowlers had a field day, Sahfik 4 for 15 and Patras 4 for 21. Unfortunately a loss by over 100 runs( optimistic) and there with it the match.

Afternoon tea was certainly the highlight of the day with copious food and drink; Catus may have been hoping that this bouty would have slowed Damazan down but some spiking of the drinks may have actually stimuled Damazan to play a bit of cricket!

The second match really did not need to be played and the result was virtually the same. Captain Ken Sutton decided to open the batting for Catus and he carved up a demoralised Damazan bowling outfit. Runs flowed at will with all the Catus batsmen benefiting, Ken topped the scoring with 42, Shafik 41 n.o. and Kavanagh 33. One "highlight" was Sanjay Seth( captain) taking a fine 2 for 26; under the circumstances a polished display. Alan Morpeth chipped in with a fine 2 for 16. However, the overall total of 8 for 219 was as imposing as the first match total.

Damazan capitulated once again, all out for 95. Goffi played a lively cameo innings of 29 and Mansoor scored 20. The name Kavanagh strikes fear into the hearts of Damazan batsmen as he captured an amazing 6 for 16 and Weaver trapped 3 for 3. It must be said that Damazan were terrible on the day, mind just not on the job and despite the format being not to our liking we should have performed better.

Champagne moments being the 8 runs scored by David (the edge) McCulloch in the first innings, the amazing catch by David (catch) Atkins- never forget the look on his face- and Gary Stark who kept well and showed great persistence in surviving in both innings scoring 7 n.o. in the second.

Congratulations to a well oiled Catus equip and best of luck for the finals.

Damazan vs Eymet -  Sunday 28th July 2013 by Richard Lytton

The match was played under sunny conditions this 35 over match proved to be a magnificent shoot out with a tremendous finish.
Eymet won the toss and decided to bat first. Early wickets fell but the scoring rate remained quite high. The entertainment really picked up with the incoming of Nazir who flayed the bowling to all aspects of the ground- mostly exterior to the ground in the air. He certainly gave chances but by the time the ball came to ground level, after the snow had cleared off it and the wind played havoc with it, catching the thing was difficult. He was joined by Hatrill who carved out a tidy 62 n.o.  But it was Nazir who exploded the Damzan bowlers with Eymet making a rather large 8 for 267. Nazir topped with 118, Hatrill 62 n.o. and Nicholson 34.
Damazan's bowlers struggled but Marcus Harris picked up 2 for 28 off 7 overs and  Alan Morpeth 4 for 48. Yound speedster Max Warner chipped in with 1 for 39.
Afternoon tea was welcomed by all and congratulations were given to Nazir on his wonderful innings.

Damazan commenced with Goffi and Richard Lytton and these two took the score up to 81 before Goffi was caught on 38. Lytton stuck in and was joined by an effervescent Sanjay Seth who struck out at the bowling scoring some lovely 6s. Seth and Lytton continued to attack this very difficult target and with the run rate required exceeding 10 per over but few overs remaining it seemed an unlikely win was possible. Sanjay was finally caught on 79 ending the partnership for the second wicket of 160 runs. Marcus Harris and Lytton tried to get the 24 required off two overs but some tight bowling saw Damazan fall just short at 2 for 259. Lytton carried his bat on 88 n.o.

Not a lot of joy for Eymet's bowlers but Sajib got 1 for 40 and Nazir bowled tightly 5 overs  for 28 runs.
Overall a great match to watch, congratulations to Eymet and hats off to the batting of Nazir who won the match for Eymet.
Champagne moment for Damazan without doubt being the partnership between Lytton and Sanjay and the fine batting of both players.

Damazan vs St Aulaye Sunday 21st July 2013. 1/4 final Cup Match by Pete Matthews

The weather was predicted to be 35c+ so the umpires decided that this 35 over match would be reduced to 30.

The St Aulaye Captain won the toss & elected to bat first. D Nott & A Oasim opened but found Gagan accurate & quick. The Damazan Skipper, Sanjay, clearly had an idea so at the other end Goffi bowled but he didn't bowl to Sanjay's plans & 13 runs came from the over. St Aulaye were now off & running especially as Oasim had already been dropped off Gagan. Gagan appealed for LBW & got a positive response from the umpire & then Marcus took over from Goffi. Marcus was on the money immediately & D Nott was unlucky hitting his wicket but Damazan were happy to take anything. Runs now came slowly & wickets fell regularly until I Sheikh & A Hassain played well together consolidating their earlier losses. When Goffi came back on he made up for his earlier over taking 3 wickets in 2 overs. The combination of Gagan, Marcus & Goffi was too much for the young inexperienced St Aulaye batters & in the 19th over they were all out. St Aulaye only had 9 players but even with a full team it would only have been been another 2 or 3 overs for them to have fallen.
I Sheikh 27 & A Hassain 25. Goffi 3 for 16 off 3, Gagan 2 for 9 off 4 & Marcus 2 for 11 off 4. St Aulaye finished with 93 all out off 19 overs.

After tea Damazan new that they could take their time. Pete & Richard opened & took their time adjusting to the pace. Pete went first from a delivery that was simply took good for him, edging to slip. Richard continued slowly but Gagan was in no mood to allow the bowlers to dominate. The ball flew to all corners off Gagans bat & the runs required came down quickly. Richard was out bowled but this wasn't a problem as Marcus is currently in fine form. Marcus smashed 3 fours but then was bowled. On 49 Gagan top edged straight into his eye. It was a painful blow & 4 stitches were needed but Gagan's fine now. Goffi & Sanjay saw Damazan home.
Gagan 49no, retired hurt. Bilal 2 wickets for 16 off 2 overs. Damazan scored 96 for 3 off 18.5 overs. A fine comfortable win.

Champagne moment - Dave for making a great attempt to catch a ball deep at mid on. He also stopped a few balls that maybe in previous matches he might not have.

Damazan vs Dorking Dads and Lads 16th July 2013 by Pete Matthews
This 35 over match was played in hot & muggy conditions. With a cup at stake Dorking came with two very good batsmen from Eymet, they clearly wanted to win.
The Dorking Skipper won the toss & didn't hesitate to bat first opening with Dave Horlock, of Eymet, & M Entwistle. It proved to be a good decision to bat as both openers scored well. Marcus & Richard opened the bowling, Marcus was his usual mean self but Richard leaked runs. After 20 overs Dorking had just over 100, a fine start & only a wicket down. Tough times for Damazan. Mansoor & Goffi took over the bowling & both had good spells but it was Mansoor that took the wickets & the credit. Wickets began to fall, M Entwistle for 43 & J Roberts for 31. Then a slight mix-up, Mike Gear called for a run but his partner refused & Mike couldn't get back, a bonus for Damazan. On 96 Dave Horlock was caught & bowled by Mansoor, it was an excellent catch with the ball reaching his hands in a split second. The best was to come for Mansoor. A rare & wonderful hatrick with the third wicket being clean bowled.
Dave Horlock 96, M Entwistle 43 & J Roberts 31. Mansoor 5 wicket for 53 off 7 overs. Dorking finished with 230 for 7 off their 35 overs.
After the usual lovely tea from Sheila Damazan opened with Pete & Richard. Runs began to come quite freely but then Richard was bowled off his pad. The Skipper must have thought it was Mansoor's day as he came in at number 3 but soon departed when he was caught. Stupidly Pete went for a hook but didn't quite get it & he too was caught. Things didn't look good for Damazan at this point. However, Marcus stayed cool at the wicket & played himself in. Goffi & Marcus began to look good & the runs flowed. Goffi was caught having scored a fine 36. Meanwhile Marcus continued to hit the leather off the ball, Sanjay went for not many, Tom for nothing, Swaran for nothing. A desperate appeal for the wicket of Marcus went up, had he not taken a good stride forward he would have been gone but he survived. Marcus continued but was he going to run out of partners? The score rattled along with Damazan always well ahead of the asking rate but with wickets tumbling inevitably the rate slowed. Roy played well but was stumped on 6. Garry joined Marcus & had instructions to stay there, he did it well even though the fielders were now crowding him. When Marcus faced the fielders couldn't have been more widespread but it made no difference as fours & sixes flowed from the bat of Marcus until he finally struck the 4 that won the game. Marcus 133no & Goff 36. Entwistle 3 for 45 off 7. Damazan won the match in the final over scoring 232 for 8.
An excellent game of cricket played in great spirit.
Champagne moment :-   Absolutely no doubt whatsoever, a hatrick for Mansoor.
Damazan vs Blackheath Rugby Club 12th July 2013 by Richard Lytton
Once again this 30 over match was played under hot conditions( for players of English origin, heat wave conditions)
Stand in captain, Richard Lytton, offered the toss to Blackheath's captain and he said that Damazan can bat. Slightly changed batting line up due to the 30 over match with Goffi and Richard Lytton opening. Scoring was reasonably quick before Goffi played over the top of a delivery and was bowled for 11. This welcomed Mansoor to the crease and he impressed for a short innings, he was also dimissed for 11, bowled. This brought the master blaster, Marcus Harris, to the crease and he revelled in the conditions with balls flying in all directions; one nearly reaching the lake and several landing many meters into the corn field. Amazingly each ball was recovered and the lads from Blackheath stuck to their task under trying weather conditions. Marcus decided that he would retire at 50 to allow other batsmen an opportunity. Swaran Singh replaced Marcus and and started off a bit slowly but finished 9 fours he too retiring at 52 runs. Richard Lytton also scored 50 with the total finishing at 5 for 227. A rather large total at over 7 runs per over. Blackheath's bowlers and fielders stuck to their task, Kibble finished with 2 for 13 with Fuller, Bodenham and Wolstenhome picking up 1 wicket each.
Everybody enjoyed the afternoon tea, many thanks to Sheila Ayling who toiled in the conditions.
Blackheath commenced their innings in positive style with some clean hitting. However, Alan Morpeth and Peter Matthews struck, runs became harder to get and wickets continued to fall regularly. New man Mansoor bowled a fine line without any luck. Blackheath's final batsmen hit out taking the score to a respectable 9 for 136. Purchase compiled a fine 24 not out and opener Matthews hit a fine 19. Damazan's bowlers all bowled well, Peter Matthews rewarded with 3 for 30 and Swaran Singh 2 for 18.
So Damazan won it's third game in a row, winning margin of 91 runs.
Champagne moment has to be the wonderful spirit from the Blackheath team, all enjoying the match and playing to the best of their abilities- hopefully we can match up next year; maybe one cricket match and a return rugby match?
Damazan vs Catus 7th July 2013 by Richard Lytton
Again Damazan versus Catus, seems we only play against Catus. This 40 over match was played under scorching conditions and the toss was won by Catus, captain decided to bat first. They got off to a slow but steady start as Gagan Singh and Marcus Harris bowled a real tidy spell without a deal of luck. The innings never really got flowing for Catus and giant killer, Swaran Singh came in and took out the openers, followed by the "hows that" man Goffi who bowled an excellent spell. All Damazan bowlers performed well and  kept Catus down to 155 runs. Goffie starred with the ball catching 3 for 29, Swaran again chipped in 2 for 17 and Gagan rewarded with 2 for 28. Once again JP Patras clubbed a tidy 32 runs with Luca Sutton playing a nice innings of 26.
Afternoon tea was welcome under the trying weather, especially the cuppa tea. So Damazan were chasing a moderate 156 with a reasonably quick outfield. Once again Peter Matthews and Richard Lytton opened with a fine 99 partnership before Peter was caught for 46. The class batsmen of the side came and went leaving Goffi and Richard to finish off the match. Damazan winning again 3 for 156. Lytton remained not out on 57 and Goffi scored 16 n.o.
Alex was the pick of the bowlers with 2 for 27.

Champagne moment the opening partnership of 99. Thanks to Catus who fought the weather and played in their usual good spirits, always a pleasure to play against.
Catus vs Damazan 9th June 2013 by Richard Lytton

This match was the miracle match for two reasons, firstly because the weather allowed the match and secondly because Damazan won. Not that Damazan does not have the capacity to beat the best, just that we finally played out a full match in a consistent manner.
Played at Catus under weather conditions that could at best be described as precarious, this 40 over match kicked off after Catus won the toss and decided to bat. Damazan opening bowlers Marcus Harris and Gagan Singh( welcome back from all Gagan) bowled a superb line and lengh and limited the opening partnership. However they stuck to their task and after playing themselves in took to the later bowlers well. The match took another turn when Allan was dismissed for 36, scoring slowed down and wickets fell regularly. When Keeble finally went for an excellent 58 that left little resistance with the exception of Patras who carried his bat for a swashbuckling 30 not out.

Catus ended up 7 wickets for 155 after their 40 overs. Damazan's bowlers limited the total along with some fine fielding. Peter Matthews picked up 2 for 12 and Swaran singh 2 for 17 with both Gagan Singh and Marcus Harris picking up a wicket each.
Catus put on a suberb afternoon tea and everyone kept an eye on the weather which was looking a little dicey.
Once again Damazan batted second and a steady but sure opening partnership by Peter Matthews and Richard Lytton carried the score to 70 odd at a rate approaching 4 per over. Lytton was bowled for 26 forcing the pace and Peter was joined by Gagan Singh who relished the conditions of having time to attack the bowling. When Peter was dismissed for a fine 54 this gave little relief as the hard hitting Marcus Harris joined Gagan at the wicket. The required runs were quickly surpassed in a flurry of fours and sixes with one of Marcus's shots just missing a Catus supporter. Gagan finished on 44 not out and Marcus 25 not out.
Damazan scored 2 for 162 in 34.3 overs. For Catus Weaver picked up 1 for 27 and Coldrick 1 for 38.
Congratulations to Damazan with a solid away win, certainly made captain Sanjay Seth happy as he provided some excellent work as stand in wicket keeper for the day. Special mention also to Jenna who played his first match for Damazan and bowled 4 overs for just 7 runs in a tidy display.
Champagne moment has to be the win by virtue of a full days consistent cricket by Damazan.
Damazan vs ABC 19th May 2013 by Pete Matthews

This match was in danger of being called off due to the unusual wet weather that just seems to going on & on & on. This 35 over match was played in overcast conditions but luckily with only 1 shower during the game. The outfield was damp so the ball didn't fizz to the boundary as is expected at Damazan.

ABC went to the wicket first. The first 8 overs only saw 20 runs, progress was slow & steady but boundaries were proving difficult to come by. Ryan, having his first game of the season, opened the bowling but found it extremely slippery on the damp surface, therefore his pace was affected. He still managed his first wicket of the season. ABC lost their first wicket on 33 in the 12th over, enter Preetham. He soon got into stride & hit a fine 40. In fact every ABC batsman got a start but only Preetham & Sunit got over 20. Conditions were difficult though with a very slow outfield. Paul, the ex Damazan player did well near the end knocking up 16no. Captain, Tony Hands held himself back & only had a short time at the crease before the innings was over. Pretham 40, Sunit 22. Every bowler did well not conceding too many runs but Goffi finished with 3 for 38.
ABC scored 169 in their 35 overs

After tea the weather improved with a little more sunshine. Unfortunately the Damazan batsmen didn't want to stay out in the sun, they preferred the hutch. In the first 11 overs 5 batsmen were dismissed. Sanjay fished & managed an edge, Ryan played a very expansive drive to a perfect yorker, Marcus was unlucky when the ball was missing another set of stumps but it hit his pad & then the stumps. The opening bowlers for ABC did very well, Sudir only went for 7 runs off 5 overs & Preetham with his quicker pace only went for 6 runs off his 7. With 5 wickets down & only 17 runs on the board the ABC Captain saw the chance to give the lesser bowlers some overs. Richard & Goffi seized the opportunity & began scoring. Richard played well & Goffi played in his usual style, lets call it unorthadox. Goffi got out on 44 when he edged a ball to the keeper & so entered Swaran. The very next ball Swaran was done & dusted hitting a ball in the air to mid-off. By this time Tony, the ABC Captain, had used 9 bowlers knowing that Damazan would never reach the target set. Goffi 44 & Richard 25no. For ABC preetham 2 for 6 off 7 overs & Gill 2 for 9 off 3 overs. Damazan ended on 103.

Well played ABC, you deserved the victory.

Champagne Moment :-   Swaran sat with his pads & lid on for many overs & then got himself out for a beautiful GOLDEN DUCK.
DAMAZAN vs Catus 28th April 2013 by Richard Lytton

This 35 over match was played under wintery conditions, temperature at a sizzling 13 degrees; not the usual 35 degrees this match reporter has the feel for.
Once again captain Sanjay sent the opposition in to bat, largely restricted by the somewhat understrengh of Damazan.
The early innings of Catus was marked by the injury to Peter Matthews who was horribly unlucky to get a ball deflected into his forehead. Peter was, understandably, rather shellshocked by the ball, seam up, cutting a rather nasty gah in his forehead. Much delay was caused by this and Peter was carried off and transported to Marmande Hospital where he remained before being seen at 10pm eventually arriving home after 1 in the morning. Fortunately he has recovered with a few stitches left. Thus the 40 over match was switched to 35 overs but Damazan appeared to be affected by this incident and Catus batsmen scored at a good rate finally notching up 9 for 207. All the bowlers contributed, best of wich were Swaran Singh with 3 for 29 and Marcus Harris who bowled really well to take 2 for 20 off eight overs. Sahafik top scored for Catus with 53, Rofigue 37 and Patras 35.
Needless to say afternoon tea was dominated by concerns for the health of Peter Matthews.
A changing batting lineup did not fire for Damazan as the top order failed to perform, Marcus Harris and Ean Ireson, welcome back Ean, put up some resistance but when Marcus went for 20 it looked like a quick capitulation. Ean played really well given he playing his first match of the year, he compiled a highly entertaining 26 with 6 of his scoring shots being 4s. The other highlight was the purposeful batting of Mike Frewin who showed the top order lads how to do it, he too scoring 6 fours in a fine 28 run knock. When a score over 100 looked out of question, Ean and Mike pumped up innings and even brought the crowd alive.
Damazan were finally rolled for 107 giving Catus a 100 run victory, congratulations and thanks for offering a great replacement fielder for Peter. I can promise Catus that the next match will be much tighter.
Champagne moment certainly the performance of Mike Frewin, top scorer with 28- opening the batting next match.

DAMAZAN vs Bordeaux 21st April 2013 by Richard Lytton
The 40 over match against Bordeaux was played under difficult conditions, cold and over cast. Bordeaux came down with a new look team with youth versus age and experience being the order of the day, Damazan benefiting from the latter.

Captain Sanjay won the toss and sent Bordeaux in to bat. It soon became clear that the outfield was quite quick with openers Pinsent and Ali cracking away at the opening bowlers. Ali holed out to a great catch by Goffi whilst Pinsent continued to blunder the bowling. All Damazan's bowlers toiled away and generally kept things under control in the middle period of the innings. However, later in the innings Bordeaux stepped up the scoring rate and finished with a presentable 215. Pinsent top scored with a fast 61 for Bordeaux whilst Kashish knocked 32 late in the innings. Once again Marcus Harris bowled really well capturing a fine 3 for 34, Goffi picked up 3 for 22 and Swaran 2 for 50.
After the fine afternoon tea Damazan set out to chase down what was a rather big total this early in the season. Once again things got off rather badly with the young tear away openers causing much distress to Damazan's top order. At 4 for 25 it looked like a repeat of last weeks match against Eymet. But things turned around with the partnership of Richard Lytton and Goffi, initially survival against some rather slippery bowling but then some fine hitting, particularly by Goffi. With Richard encouraging Goffi and the score turning over nicely the score advanced to 90 at which stage Goffi was bowled, after that Damazan but up little resistance to the Bordeaux bowling being all out for 115.
A much deserved win to Bordeaux who fielded exceptionally well and gave away very little from their bowling. Lytton top scored carrying his bat with 36 and Goffi knocked a quick fire 31. Pick of the bowlers for Bordeaux was Kashish who took 3 for 12, Durrance took 2 for 7 and ex pat Damazan lad Ian Snooke with 2 for 14.
Champagne moment of the match was the fine partnership between Lytton and Goffi and the survival job carried out by Lytton against some excellent bowling.
EYMET vs DAMAZAN 14th April 2013 by Pete Matthews

At last the long wet winter & spring is over & the 2013 season is underway. For this 40 over match the sky was blue, the sun shone & it was hot, a perfect day for any cricket match. This match was due to be at home but because the outfield was wetter than the lake next door Eymet kindly allowed us to play on their pitch.

Eymet played a match the week before so all their cobwebs were already blow away but despite this the openers, Palmer & Horlock, didn't find it easy. The bowling was accurate & the outfield was extremely long when meant good shots only went for a single. Soon after the start Horlock called a run but then sent Palmer back & a superb throw by Goffi knocked over the 1 stump that he had to aim at. The Eymet number 3 was out next, lbw , he was slightly upset with the decision but Marcus was pleased to get his first wicket of the season. With a really tough outfield progress was incredibly slow with players reluctant to take the aerial route. Goffi & Marcus picked up another wicket each but then the old stalwart Mike Gear came to the crease where the old pro did the business. With only about 40 runs off the first 20 overs Mike soon found he had the same problem scoring with such a long outfield but he got into his stride & began taking to the air. Runs now flowed. Swaran bowled really well without getting a wicket, Alan started his season well getting 2 wickets but nobody could get Mike. Unfortunately, as usual, Damazan spilled some catches.

Mike Gear 80no & Dave Horlock 20. The best of the bowlers were Marcus 2 for 12 off 8 overs & Alan Morpeth 2 for 17 off 8 overs. Eymet finished with 159 off their 40 overs, a good score considering the conditions.

After tea was taken Pete & Ian strode to the wicket & in the first over Pete strode back. A poor show from Pete, a man of his age should know that when you open you must have patience but he was out playing a front foot drive without getting his foot to the ball. Richard, Marcus & Goffi all went in & out with the scorer having to do very very little. Roy joined Ian, who was still there but finding runs a major problem. The Captain of Eymet brought up his 3/4th slip close, the bowler bowled so Roy very kindly placed the ball into the hands of the slip. By now there was virtually nothing on the scoreboard so the Eymet Captain opened the game out. The long outfield was still causing a massive problem getting runs so even this move didn't make a huge difference. Swaran was out caught, Alan went down the wicket to a slow ball, missed it & was stumped & Sanjay was caught. The final pair, Mike & Jose, knew the close of the game wasn't far away & so it proved when Jose was caught. Jaman bowled accurately & quick deserving his 4 wickets & was well supported by all the Eymet bowlers.

Alan scored 12, the only batsmen to get double figure. Jaman 6 overs, 4 for 4. Smith 3 for 19 off 6 & John fabb 2 for 4 off 6. Damazan finished with 41.
Well played Eymet a very easy victory for you.

Champagne Moment:-  Without a doubt, Roy placing the ball into the hands of a slip that had just moved there, brilliant.

Not having managed a pre-season training session really showed. Hopefully some of the cobwebs will be blown away before next Sunday.