2011 Match Reports

Eymet vs Damazan  September 25th 2011 - by Richard Lytton
The 35 over match was played under sunny skies. Eymet won the toss and decided to bat, scoring was limited against tight bowling by openers Lytton and Harris with an early breakthrough on 19. Eymet's batsmen consolidated and flayed the bowling in the middle to late overs and what appeared to be heading towards a total of around 140 blew out to 188 for 6 after 35 overs. Riley top scored for Eymet with 51 n.o. , Horlock score 40 and Jones 34. Peter Matthews took 16 for 2 with John Ayling and Richard Lytton getting 28 for 1.
Damazan started the difficult chase reasonably well but a tad to slow and after 15 overs were 52 for 3. Eymet' s bowlers all contributed with tight bowling with quite good pace. The hundred only came up in the 30th over and it was left to Damazan' captain Sanjay to play a cameo innings, despite being injured, clubbing a six off the last ball of the innings. Damazan finished with 131 for 6, Peter Matthews top scored with 28 with Richard Lytton 21 n.o. and Sanjay 20 n.o.  All Eymet's bowlers performed well, best being Jones 18 for 2, Fabb 24 for 2 and Zaman 11 for 1 off 5 overs!

In the end a good, clean match played in good spirit, Eymet proving too strong on the day. Champagne moment being the 6 hit by Sanjay balancing on one leg( practically) which hit the top of the stand.
Damazan vs Kingston Taxes  September 17th 2011 - by Pete 'Peg Leg' Matthews
This 40 over match was placed in cloudy conditions & slightly muggy at times, it suited everyone that it wasn't too hot. There had been a thunder storm during the night so the ball came through slightly slower & more skiddy than usual. Kingston were welcomed back to Damazan after a 7 year gap & they decided to bat first.
Matthew & Blackman opened the batting but didn't find scoring runs came easily. Richard Lytton & John Ayling opened the bowling & John found plenty of bounce decieved the batsmen somewhat. Richard struck first taking the stumps of Matthew out the ground. Blackman continued with Jain but both couldn't get beyond the teens. D Richard at number 4 played well & the score began to mount, although it never looked at any point that Kingston would score big runs. Relatively reasonable bowling ensured the runs didn't flow freely. At number 7 S davies also played well. All the bowlers took wickets except Swaran but appeared to be very happy producing several maidens in his 6 overs. Pete M rejoined the bowling ranks getting a magnificent aplause from his team mates, or was it hissing & booing? Kingston Taxes used all their 40 overs to get 153. D Richard 45 & S davies 35. The pick of the Damazan bowlers were Marcus with 2 for 25 & Pete 2 for 24.
After tea the score of only 153 wasn't looking huge but unbeknown to everyone there was drama ahead. Sanjay opened with Pete M & Ean Ireson. Ean faced the 1st over & immediately sent the ball flying to the boundary with beautifully timed shots. At this point the score began to look even smaller. When Ean was on 15 he tried to cut a ball that was missing the off stump comfortably, he did cut it but onto his stumps. Mean time Pete Matthews struggled & Ian richmond came & soon went lbw walking right across his stumps. The Kingston attack was far from the quickest attack Damazan had faced this season but they already had 2 wickets. Richard lytton also came & went without causing any damage to Kingston. Next was Pete M to get out, having got a start he couldn't continue & was caught. Swaran at number 5 did a nice job & scored well but after getting a good start he too couldn't continue & was bowled. The swing of S davies was the bowling that was causing Damazan problems. Roy also went after displaying 1 or 2 fine shots. Enter Marcus to smash Damazan to victory. After a good start Marcus chipped a ball to square leg & was caught. With the total still a long way off Damazan now had some problems. Goffi arrived at the crease & hit 4s consitently & was looking good. After getting a start he too got out, bowled. Sanjay & John Ayling brought up the rear & with 15 runs still required it could have gone either way. John held up his end whilst the injured Sanjay went about knocking off the runs. Once or twice it looked like a 4 had been scored but the ball just stopped short of the boundary forcing John to run, what a site that was. With the score all level it still could have gone either way especially when Sanjay was dropped at point. Damazan finally won this thrilling match in the 36th over.
For Kinston all the bowlers got a wicket but K Wood ended the match with 4 for 41, a fine display. 3 damazan batsmen got starts into the 20s but couldn't go on. Pete M 20, Goffi 22 & Swaran 26.
This was a great game to play in, not just because it was such a tight match but because there was a lot of friendly banter between everyone. Thank you to all the Kingston players for a friendly enjoyable match, you are most welcome to return whenever you want.
Champagne Moment :- Richard Lytton ran down the slope to stop 4 runs, this he managed, but wait, in attempting to flick the ball to another player he instead flicked it over the line, priceless.
Damazan vs Noe  September 11th 2011 - by Pete 'Peg Leg' Matthews
This 40 over match was played in cloudy conditions but it didn't affect the way the pitch played. Noe decided to bat first.
Openers Ali & Satish took to their task immediately & runs flowed. however Richard Lytton soon got Ali caught & Anbu came to the crease. Satish played in his usual style of hitting the ball hard & in contrast Anbu nudged the ball into gaps satisfied to tick over the score with 1s & 2s. Richard started taking a bit of punishment but marcus bvowled steadily throughout his 8 overs. Satish was unlucky to be given out lbw by the Noe umpire, it appeared that he got an inside edge. Goffi entered the attack & bowled well without taking any wickets. Anbu continued a fine job until deciding to hit out & was bowled by Sanjay. Yoji played well & got a good start into the 20s but then was bowled by Richard. The next 2 Noe batsmen both went without troubling the scorers. With the first 5 Noe batsmen gone the scoring slowed down, from looking to get 250ish at one point they now looke to be on around the 200 mark. After their 40 overs Noe finished on 210. Batting for Noe, Satish finished with 54, Anbu 39, Jatin 27, Yoji 26 & Srikanth 21. Damazan bowlers, Lytton 3 for 66, Swaran 2 for 32 & Sanjay 2 for 40.
At tea both sides were satisied with their efforts on the field. Damazan opened with Pete M & Ian richmond but both were soon out only scoring 5 each. Goffi & Marcus both played well & scored well but after these 2 players were out the task began to look very difficult. Goff was caught & Marcus bowled. It was clear that the Noe players know how good a run scorer Marcus is as there was a huge cheers when they bowled him. The remaining Damazan players tried their best but the only player to make any real impact was the Captain, Sanjay. The ineveitable loss for Damazan came about in the 32nd over. The Noe bowling attack was simply too good & in some cases too quick for the Damazan batsmen. Ali in particular was excellent. Damazan all out in the 32nd over for 140. Batsmen Goffi scored 31, Marcus 26 & Sanjay 24. The pick of the Noe bowlers were Ali 5 for 17 off 7 overs & Paddy 2 for 29.
Champagne moment was a spectacular catch at mid on by Matt, leaping like a salmon and coming up with a great diving catch.
Thank you to all the Noe players, you play good hard cricket but always have a bit of banter between yourselves & the opposition.
Damazan vs Bristol Venturers   Sept 4th 2011 - by Sanjay
This 40 over match was played on a day when the weather threatened to be disruptive, but in the end, it did not really come into play. It was cloudy/partly sunny, breezy, and it did indeed lightly shower for a couple of  moments. Having won the toss, Damazan decided to put our friends, the Bristol "Carpaccio" Venturers, into bat. It had been agreed that we would play a 12 a side game.
The Damazan bowlers opened up and readily found a good line and length, with the mat, again, tending to be more friendly to the bat. Wilson and Muller, the Venturers' openers dug in and defended their wickets, with the score board ticking along. The breakthrough came via some sharp fielding, despite the efforts of the bowlers. On a run, that this observer would say was unnecessary, Goffi pulled one out from the highlight reel, with a direct hit to wicket. This brought Torkidsen to the crease, and again the numbers changed with frequency on the scoreboard. With the bowling change up of Goffi bowling well, with plenty of air to tempt, Torkidsen was drawn down the wicket, and Roy booked him an early shower. The dogged and defensive Wilson was now joined by Garland and the pair proceeded to put on a solid partnership. The bowling of both Goffi and Sanjay was pretty tight, but unfortunately the back of the innings could not be broken, and again, runs were being notched up. Not an avalanche, but consistently enough. Wilson finally fell to Rich, who rounded out the attack, and Goffi claimed Garland with a well appealed LBW. It was again fielding that claimed the final wickets of the innings, with two run outs. Despite good bowling, supported by a good day in the field, the Bristol Venturers put 198 on the board.   WARNER: 0 / 39    HARRIS: 0 / 35     GOBY: 2 / 35    SETH: 0 / 24      LYTTON: 1 / 45
Once again, a lovely tea was enjoyed by all (thank you!).
The total was within Damazan's reach. The captain sent out Ean and Hugo to set about the task of chasing down the run rate of just under 5 an over. The Bristol Venturers were however up for the challenge, and rose to the example set by the Damazan bowlers, and found a good line and length with enough consistency to limit the Damazan openers from scoring freely. However the wickets were guarded and runs being put on the board, but just off the rate required. 40 were on the board after 10. In time the pair did open up and execute some nice attacking shots, with Ean producing some nice cuts and Hugo striking the ball well. The Venturers got their breakthrough with the bowling of James, who like Goffi, gave the ball plenty of air, in the 13th over, with Hugo being caught. This brought Marcus to the crease and he set about doing what he does best. Despite runs coming and some great hitting, Damazan were still cruising just below the run rate. The opposition bowlers were sticking to their guns, and not giving too much away. Ean was the next victim, in the 20th over, bowled by Garland. This brought Sanjay to the crease, and he in turn brought his patented malfunction innings. Straight drive 4. Bowled. Thank you. Bye. Goffi, showed signs that he was to be the man to accompany Marcus to the end, but an attempt to push things along got him bowled by Linden. Swaran was to join Marcus in the 25th over, with 95 needed for victory. A solid partnership of 12 overs and 69 runs followed, but unfortunately when Swaran was run out Damazan were still just a noodle short of the required rate. It was the 37th over, and 26 were needed. It must be noted that along with some tight bowling, the Venturers had resorted to a very defensive field, and had clearly been studying video of Marcus, for they posted almost the entire team on the boundary. So despite some solid hitting, one had to time the ball well, through the small but plentiful gaps. Marcus (84) finally fell in the next over caught trying to find said gaps. Rich game to the crease and looked like he was ready to do business but unfortunately fell to LBW Linden in the 39th.. Despite noble efforts from both Roy and Matt, Damazan, as they had been for of the innings, were just short of the amount required. 185 were on the board.  FALLON: 1 / 42    FULLER: 0 / 20    JAMES: 2 / 37    GARLAND: 1 / 34      LINDEN: 2 / 50

All and all an enjoyable game despite the outcome. Bristol Venturers win by 4 wickets.

Damazan vs St Aulaye  August 28th 2011 - by Pete 'Peg Leg' Matthews
This 35 over match was played with sunny skies & a temperature around 26c, without any cloud around ensured it was perfect for batting. Unfortunately St Aulaye could only muster 7 players so Damazan loaned Pete, Matt & Max making it 10 for each side. St Aulaye Captain, Wynford, won the toss & decided to bat first.
Opener D Noh found batting relatively easy but Kit Harding was out to his first ball, lbw, the ball would have taken leg peg. Wickets fell at regular intervals even though the batsmen were making good starts. D Noh also went lbw, ball hitting middle, his shot was a bizzare swipe across the line after having played so well before. Pete came in at number 5 to a warm welcome from his Damazan team mates. After last weeks pathetic batting performances Pete cracked on scoring runs freely. After Pete was out resistance from the batsmen fell away. Early on it looked as if St Aulaye would set a good target but with the side all out in the 26th over it wasn't many for Damazan to chase. St Aulaye 151 all out in the 26th over. D Noh 31 & Pete Matthews 47. The best of the bowlers for Damazan were Hugo Warner 2 for 34 & Sanjay 4 for 15.
After tea Damazan set about there task. Captain Gagan changed his usual openers giving Richard Lytton a rare chance partnering Ian Richmond. The St Aulaye boys attacked the batsmen early on with a good line & length getting Ian out lbw & then quickly after getting Richard caught on his first ball. It was a fine one handed catch by Wynford held on literally by his finger tips. With Ean Ireson & Marcus Harris at the crease they formed a good partnership & began knocking off the score at a rate of knotts. Ean stroked the ball around whilst Marcus smashed the ball in his usual style. The young bowling attack felt the pressure & their line & length wavered somewhat. In 20 overs the match was won............but not before a rather bizzarre incident. Marcus was told he needed 4 runs for his ton but only 1 run was needed for the win. Ean simply defended the over & the umpire refused to call 2 certain wides. The first ball of the next over Marcus faced. It was a no ball but yet again the umpire didn't want to call it, and indeed he didn't, Marcus was clean bowled. Amusing stuff for all. Damazan won the match scoring 152 in 20 overs. Ean Ireson 23no & Marcus 97.
Champagne Moment:- In fact this week it is 'moments'. The first is Marcus catching Pete at mid off. Having dragged his large body 15/20 metres Marcus eventually took the catch on his enormous stomach. Richard Lytton getting a rare early batting slot & then guiding the ball to a wide slip for a wonderful golden duck. And of course, the bizzarre situation surrounding the dismissal of Marcus, magic.
Damazan vs Beckenham August 19th 2011 - by Richard Lytton
This 40 over match was played under rather bizarre weather conditions with an expected temperature being around 35 degrees but overcast conditions. Damazan's captain Gagan Singh won the toss and made the somewhat bizarre decision to bat first.
Batting proved difficult with the ball swinging around viciously and the scoring rate was pegged down with 28 runs after 10 overs and 86 runs after 20 overs. Peter Matthews stuck to his task but was finding it difficult to time his shots, Marcus Harris opened up and taking up the challenge of increasing the scoring rate. Marcus was dismissed in the 30th over for 70 runs( 4 sixes and 9 fours) and the remaining 10 overs only yielded 35 runs.  The youngsters from Beckenham bowled exceptionally well to restrict Damazan to 195 off 40 overs. Marcus top scored for Damazan with 70 runs and Peter Matthews scored 43.  Beckinghams best bowlers were D Tyler 17 for 2 and Viswanathan 27 for 2.

After eating too much of the afternoon tea to die for Damazan's bowlers set about restricting Beckingham under sunny batting conditions. After an early success by Gagan the Beckingham batsmen batted well under vastly improved batting conditions and despite D Tyler retiring on 50 no futher wickets fell. It has to be said that Damazan' s fielding fell apart under the hot conditions with many dropped catches. All the bowlers toiled hard but Beckingham passed the total in the 30th over with S Abrahams carrying his bat with 94 n.o. and McCulloch finishing 38 n.o.  Gagan Singh bowled well taking 34 for 1( the only wicket) and mention goes to Goffi who bowled 8 tight overs for 36 runs.

Well done Beckingham Lads more than Dads for a polished 9 wicket victory- two matches in 4 days proved too much for Damazan.
Difficult to pin down a champagne moment from this match, tongue in cheek says the 43 runs scored by Peter Matthews in 40 overs; two near identicle catches dropped by Goffi and the decision to bat under cloud ridden skies.
Damazan vs De La Salle August 16th 2011 - by Richard Lytton
This match of 40 overs was played under sunny conditions with De la Salle captain winning the toss and selecting to bat. The De la Salle team looked every bit  a polished cricket team but fortunately they were a little underdone after some touring side celebrations.
They got off to a reasonable start with 31 for the first wicket but then several wickets fell and they were floundering at 60 for 5 with Gagan taking three of the top order wickets. Then at 72 for 7 it looked like an early finish to this match but a fine partnership between Dixon and Flatley took the total to 135 for 8. The ninth wicket partnership added another 66 runs taking the total to 201 followed by a fine 48 partnerhip for the tenth wicket. From 72 for 7 to 249 all out, credit to Dixon who made 48 runs, Flatley 44 runs and Barney  who compliled 63 invaluable runs. Gagan Singh bowled exceptionally well to bag 35 for 4 and the ever consistent Goffi trapped 29 for 4. Given Damazan's history of chasing a target 250 looked like a difficult amount.

After the afternoon spread was wolfed down Damazan's openers set about chasing a big total. Openers Sanjay Seth and Peter Matthews started things off in smashing style, Sanjay playing a stylish innings of 82 runs with 13 fours and three sixes. The partnership was broken at 114 and it looked like Damazan were well on target but some tighter bowling saw some middle order panic with Damazan slowing to 150 for 4, Ean Ireson played a solid innings with Gagan beginning to hit out at the bowling and the score advanced to 205 for 5 with around 10 runs per over required  the parthership between Gagan and Richard Lytton became crucial to a victory for Damazan. Gagan continued to flay the bowling and Lytton stuck around with 21 needed off two overs. Gagan kept his cool and struck out the winning runs Damazan fiishing on 250 for 5 in the 39th over. Victory by 5 wickets and proof that Damazan can chase a total.
Sanjay top scored with a suberb 82 and Gagan finished on 69 not out. Ean Ireson compiled an invaluable 22. The best of the bowlers was Dixon with 45 for 3.

Champagne moment was a Damazan victory chasing a formidible total.
Damazan vs ABC August 7th 2011 - by Pete 'Diamond duck' Matthews
This 40 over match was played in cloudy/sunny conditions & not too hot. For the 2nd week running the pitch was perfect for the teams to score well.
With this being a friendly Damazan loaned a player to ABC for fielding purposes as they only had 10 men. Damazan batted first & Pete Matthews was clean bowled by Davids first delivery of the day, thats a  Diamond Duck!  Sanjay arrived at the crease to partner Ean but unfortunatley Ean also soon went.  Marcus joined Sanjay & the 2 batsmen thoroughly enjoyed the great batting conditions & score well & fast.  It was needed as Damazan only had 40 runs after 10 overs. Both batsmen took advantage of some loose deliveries but both probably had their best Damazan innings. Both showed patience & punished bad balls.  Sanjay was bowled & Marcus was caught by the keeper.  After these two were out the scoring slowed down with Goffi, Swaran & Richard chipping in.  Damazan finished on 256 and it would appear strange that this score was disappointing, but it should have been close to 300.  Even though David got the most wickets for ABC it was Martin that proved to be the bigger problem for Damazan bowling an excellent line & length. Sanjay 72 & Marcus 85 (his second 80 odd running) for ABC the pick of the bowlers were David 3 for 43 & Martin 2 for 18.
After tea ABC took to their task of getting this big score.  Sanjay opened the bowling with John Ayling & Richard Lytton & the batsmen loved it.  Unfortunately neither bowler was on form sending down too many buffet balls. Sanjay kept faith with Richard & John but ABC's Tony & David sent the ball to all corners scoring 8 an over for the first 10.  Now that ABC had the bit between their teeth it was going to be difficult to pull them back.  Somewhat belatedly Marcus was brought into the attack & he slowed the scoring & took wickets but the damage was already done by ABC.  Even after Tony was out, ABC continued scoring rapidly when Martin joined David out in the middle. Captain Sanjay struggled to contain the runs, and indeed, couldn't contain them.  After David's big hitting innings was over Andrew & then Richard continued partnering Martin & the runs were soon knocked off for a fine ABC win.  Martin played a superb innings, hitting hard when needed & cleverly taking singles when needed, controlloing proceedings on the field which Damazan had no response to.  Richard 30no, Tony 41, Martin 65no & David 74. Marcus 3 for 29.  Well played ABC for a fine win.
Champagne Moments:- Having travelled 3.5 hours in total a magnificent DIAMOND DUCK for Pete M.   Fielding for Damazan Matt made a fine catch, jumping up high & hanging in the air a long time before grabbing the ball.
Damazan vs Noe July 31st 2011 - by Pete Matthews
This 40 over match was played under a cloudless sky, about time, the temperature late afternoon reached approx 30°c.
Damazan batted first on a pitch that looked to be good for 230 to 240 runs. Openers Pete Matthews & Ian Richmond faced some irratic bowling from Seram & Harte & after 5 overs the score was 30. The Noe captain, Anbu, changed this & bowled himself immediately slowing the scoring down with his good line & length. Ian missed a ball from Seram & was bowled & soon after Pete smashed a ball stinging Anbu's hand but he held on. Gagan & Ean Ireson took on the bowlers but Gagan was well caught at gully/point. Marcus Harris wanted & needed his form to return & he set off with a fine 4. It was good to see him continue from here hitting all corners of the ground with 4's & 6's. After Ean was out bowled Swaran joined Marcus & played an excellent partnership with Marcus even though he didn't score too many. Goffi came to the wicket at number 9 & played in his usual style, the bat flying around his head. He was supported well by Roy for a short while. The Noe attack bowled well & Anbu never allowed the batsmen to get used to a bowler, he changed them regularly. Damazan finished with a disappointing 198. Goffi 15no, Pete 18 & Marcus 87. J P 20 for 2, Anbu 35 for 2 & Harte 59 for 3.
After a typically fine tea from the ladies of Damazan Noe set about their task. Openers Satish & Jatin batted well punishing any wayward bowling. They had a good start with 31 runs off the first 6 overs. Marcus & Gagan bowled quite tightly but it was Goffi that got the first wicket. Sriram came in at number 3 & anchored the innings with a fine batting display. Satish threw the bat after his 50 obviously not minding if he got out, he soon did. Captain Anbu played a rare bad shot early in his innings & was caught. Ken looked in fine form but was given out lbw even though he was a good stride or two down the track. Another 2 wickets fell & so entered Matt, guesting for Noe. He only need to score 1 run for Noe to win the match but he couldn't do it, what a magnificent duck. The Damazan attack bowled well but with the score below par it was difficult to defend. Swaran had a short spell of 5 overs & managed to take wickets & stop Noe scoring. Noe got the winning run in the 37th over. Jatin 27, Sriram 57no & Satish 59. Goffi 45 for 3 & Swaran 12 for 3.
As usual against Noe, the match was played in a very friendly fashion & with good spirit. Well played Noe, you deserved the win.
Champagne Moment:- 2 moments stand out, although 1 isn't a moment. A wonderful duck for Matt when he could have taken an easy single on his first ball for Noe. Marcus for his entire batting display. Good to see you back mate. 
Damazan vs Bordeaux July 24th 2011 - by Richard Lytton
This long awaited 35 over match between Bordeaux and Damazan was played under cloud ridden skies with the threat of rain. Bordeaux captain Neil Vasey was quick to nominate batting when he won the toss. Damazan bowled well but the Bordeaux lads batted sensibly and accumulated runs at a steady rate with captain Vasey playing  a sheet anchor role aiding the incoming batsmen. After 20 overs the score was just 108 and with the dismissal of Vasey Bordeaux were floundering at 147 for 5.
Damazan turned up the screws and some great fielding with 3 run outs and 4 catches saw Bodeaux all out for 169 off 32 overs. All the Damazan bowlers performed well topped by Goffi 30 for 3 and Lytton 42 for 2. Neil Vasey showed what a number 3 bat needs to do and carved out an excellent 55 runs. He was assited by 32 by Durance and 29 by Q Ferreira.

After a copious afternoon tea Damazan set forth to score the 170 runs required for victory. In what turned out to be a reversal of this fixture an over confident Damazan batting lineup got itself in to one hell of a mess and at 60 for 6 after 18 overs the match was pretty much done and dusted. Once again the top 5 batsmen managed only 41 runs off the bat. The polished Bordeaux attack took full advantage of some uninspiring batting; it was left to the tail to add a little respectibility to Damazan's batting. Roy Pedersen and Ian Richmond tapped 40 for the 9th wicket. Damazan crawled to 104 all out and Bordeaux won by 65 runs. The only batting of note was Marcus Harris who scored 24 and Roy Pedersen 18.
Bordeaux proved their strengh as a bowling side, Ian Snooke took 18 for 3 and Q Ferreira 29 for 3.

Champagne moment for Damazan has to be the man of the match( for Damazan) performance of Roy Pedersen to catches some great runs outs and a lovely 18 runs- showed us how it is done.
Thanks goes out to the Bordeaux team who played in great spirit with respect for their "older" adversaries, special mention to the great knock by Neil Vasey under difficult batting conditions as well as his captaincy on the field.
Damazan vs Dorking July 16th 2011 - by Richard Lytton
The match was played under cooler conditions with the Dorking captain winning the toss and electing to bat first.
Dorking batted steadily and at one stage it appeared that a score well in excess of 200 may be possible, however, spirited bowling by Damazan kept the total to 196 all out.

All Damazan's bowlers were on target with Richard Lytton taking 30 for 3, Gagan 36 for 2, Goffi 44 for 2 and Swaran 23 for 1.
Gillott top scored for Dorking making 52 and Yandell 49 n.o.
Damazan considered that the total was well within reach but early wickets fell with the top 5 batsmen making 20 off the bat! Only a middle order partnership between Gagan and Richard Lytton of 49 runs saved some face. In the end Damazan were all out for 125, Gagan scored 44 and Richard 21.

Dorking bowlers bowled a good line and all 7 picked up a wicket or more.  H Symes finished with 17 for 3 and J Symes 31 for 2.
All in all a disappointing match for Damazan and an easy win for the affable Dorking crew.
Champagne was not the drink of the day but Ean Ireson's catch rates a mention.
Damazan vs Mansle July 10th 2011 - by Richard Lytton 
The long awaited cup clash between Mansle and Damazan was played under leaden skies with the presence of threatening rain. The Mansle lads travelled quite some distance to play this 35 over preliminary cup fixture and were determined to make the trip worthwhile.
The toss was won by Damazan captain Gagan Singh who decided to bat first to get the runs on the board.  Sanjay Seth and Goffi opened the batting and got Damazan off to a flyer. Sanjay was particularly effective and the opening partnership notched up  65 runs off 12 overs, Goffi dismissed for 16. Marcus Harris continued in the same aggressive manner before Sanjay was out on 54 runs, score 93 for 2 after 17 overs. The Mansle bowlers continued to bowl well but the arrival of Gagan Singh really put on the heat, the deadly duo of Marcus and Gagan firing well before Marcus was dismissed for 33 leaving Damazan at 143 for 3 off 23 overs. It seemed that a score of 250 plus was possible but Mansle's bowlers pegged the score back and when the 4th wicket fell the total was only 155 for 4 after 27 overs. The flamboyant Swaran Singh quickly established himself and punished the bowling heavily in the last overs, both players clubbed 3 sixes and the total finished on 234 for 4. Mansle's bowlers generally played well but extras, particularly the 22  wides was costly. The pick of the bowlers was Osman with 7 overs 32 for 1  Larter, Saeed and Clulee picked up a wicket each. Damazan stars with the bat were Sanjay with 54, Gagan with 60 n.o.  Swaran with 31 n.o. and Marcus with 33.
After the usual afternoon tea( best in the south west) the Mansle batsman opened up with a predictable flurry as an asking rate of neary 7 runs per over was the target. As the strengh of Mansle is in the batting the target was certainly possible. All the Damazan bowlers stuck to their guns with the exception of an off sorts opening bowler who will remain anonymous (no more wedding receptions before cup games) Mansle batsmen came and went with some suberb stroke making and they maintained the run rate required but tight bowling and some nice fielding, including three catches kept the suspense going; the crowd was quite with anticipation of a close finish. Once again Osman played a blinder, this time with the bat and whilst he as there Mansle were well in the race; however the mercurial Sanjay popped up and snapped up his wicket, he made 49 runs but it seemed a lot more- definitely deserved 50! Mansle cleared the 200 but ran out of batsmen and finally were all out for 205. Usman compiled a nice 46 runs and Anshad made 25 for Mansle. It was tight and accurate bowling that secured a great victory for Damazan by 29 runs. Gagan took 38 for 2 off 6 overs, Harris 39 for 2 off 7 overs including the first two wickets in one over! Sanjay performed admirably taking 47 for 3 off 7 overs and Goffi cleaned up at the end with some fantastic bowling- clean bowling the last batsman( his comment was he did not even see the ball) Goffi finished with 48 for 3 off 7 overs.
The match was played in great spirit, a credit to all the participants. Our thanks go out to Mansle for a great match and several of their players mentioned that they hope Damazan progress well in the Siddals Cup.
Champagne moments were the stylish batting display of Sanjay with an excellently compiled 54 runs and the juggled but snaffled catch of Peter MacKenzie.   
 ABC vs Damazan June 26th 2011 - by Peg leg Pete Matthews 

This 40 over match was played in extremely hot conditions. Gagan, the Damazan Captain, won the toss and decided to bat first.
With the ABC strip playing better than usual openers Pete Matthews & Goffi started briskly scoring at 5 an over for the first 12 when Pete was caught by the ABC keeper. Marcus came in at number 3 but his poor form of late continued & he was quickly out. Goffi took advantage as the ABC players dropped him several times but he was clean bowled when playing a slog shot. The Singh brothers, Swaran & Gagan, scored well but Swaran was also out bowled. Gagan showed his class with some hard hitting & the score rattled along. Whilst Gagan did his thing Richard & Sanjay fell by the wayside but Ian Richmond partnered Gagan well playing a dogged innings. After Gagan was caught & bowled Ian took on the bowlers & with the help of Mike & then Matt took the score well over the 200.
Gagan 72, Goffi 42, Pete 24 & Ian 22no. The best of the ABC bowlers ended with Chris 2 for 36 & Wayne 3 for 27. Damazan finished with 219 for 8.
With the heat now really building up tea was taken & the players took the chance to cool off slightly in the shade. Gil & Richard opened the ABC innings but never really took on the bowlers so scoring was slow. After Richard was out, his son David, came to the crease in no mood to mess around. He scored well hitting many boundaries but unfortunately for ABC no other batsmen stayed with him long enough to threaten the Damazan total. Sanjay continued his fine form with the ball getting 3 wickets in his first 4 overs. Chris redhead, D Summerside & D Pilgrim all did well but none of them went on to score big runs. With the match all but won Captain Gagan gave various players the chance to bowl & so the match slowly came to it's end.
D. Pilgrim 23 & David law 53. Damazan bowlers Swaran 2 for 20 & Sanjay 3 for 26. ABC ended with 146 for 8.
It was a comfortable win for Damazan & was played in a good friendly spirit. Champagne Moment :-  Jean Claude keeping, he stopped a bye with his head but luckily was wearing a helmet.
Damazan vs Toulouse June 19th 2011 - by Richard Lytton 

The  40 over match against Toulouse was played under cool but pleasant conditions. Damazan captain Gagan won the toss and decided to bat.
A changed opening partnership of Richard Lyton and Goffi brought a bright start with 36 off the first 6 overs before Goffi was out for 18. Master blaster Marcus Harris carved out 12 quick runs and holed out. Gagan and Lytton took the score to 77 before Lytton was caught behind on 18.  Gagan and Swaran Singh advanced quickly  before Swaran was run out for 21. When Sanjay went cheaply and Gagan was out for 57 Damazan was hovering at 159 for 6 which quickly went two 162 for 9. However, Mike Frewin and the rapidly improving Peter 'Boom Boom' Mackenzie teamed up to add an invaluable 32 runs for the last wicket, Mike stubbornly resisted before being bowled for 10; once again Peter Mackenzie batted with aplomb to finish 16 not out. Gagan top score with 57, Swaran picked up 21. Richard Lytton and Goffi 18  and Peter Mackenzie 16 not out.
Toulouse bowlers all battled hard with Dawkins and Fitchett each finishing with 21 for 2, Macaffrey took 34 for 2 and JJ 36 for 20.
So from a rapid opening Damazan slumped and clawed its way to 194.
After the usual plentiful afternoon tea the enthusiastic lads from Toulouse commenced their chase. Once again Damazan bowlers all performed admirably and Toulouse could not string together any substantial partnerships, it was left to one of their bowlers to provide excellent resistance before being bowled on 41. The next highest was Rasel with 14. Sanjay Seth starred with the ball capturing 18 for 4, Gagan bowled his usual, mostly unplayable, deliveries getting 16 for 2 and Marcus Harris took 20 for 2. 
Toulouse made a match of it but were finally dismissed in the 34th over for 139.
The champagne definitely flowed with a superb partnership between Mike Frewin and Peter Mackenzie- 32 runs for the 10the wicket( a record?) Then special mention to Mat Mathani taking his first wicket for Damazan- congratulations. 
Nearly everyone had a most enjoyable day and Damazan capped off its second victory on the trot. Oh and special thanks to umpires Peter Matthews and John Ayling who despite all the moaning and groaning stuck to their guns. 
Catus vs Damazan June 12th 2011 - by Pete Matthews 

Sanjay hastily rearranged this match after St Aulaye decided to play a postponed league match. The weather was intermittently sunny/cloudy for this 40 over match. The outfield was cut short but the ball still rolled slowly & the strip played in it's usual manner, it had an inconsistent bounce which was often very low. 
The Damazan side welcomed back Gagan & Swaran from India & Gagan promptly went on to lose the toss, a good start? The Catus Captain, Richard, consulted his team & decided to bat. He opened with Rob Allen & Richard was extremely angry when he was soon given out by the Catus umpire lbw. Gagan opened Damazan's bowling along with Richard Lytton & they bowled tightly making it difficult to score. Ken Sutton soon followed Richard getting caught on just 8. Guest player Riv Monsell was invited to bowl by Gagan & what a pleasant surprise it was for Damazan. Riv bowled accurately and, at our level, very fast. Scoring for Catus continued to be difficult with the accurate bowling of Damazan & only Rob made a reasonable score, 24. Goffi came on & bowled well as did Sanjay as the innings was near it's end. Catus ended their innings with 77 all out in the 28th over. Even taking into account the low bounce & very slow outfield the score was well below par. Rob Allen 24. Goffi 4 for 25 off 7 overs, Sanjay 3 for 3 off 2.1 overs & Riv Monsell 1 for 3 off 6 overs.
After an early tea Captain Gagan decided he could change his batting order & still win the match. He opened with Peter MacKensie & Mike Frewin with Roy Pederson at number 3. Unfortunately Gagan's plan went slightly wrong as Damazan also struggled to score runs. Swaran, batting at number 4 was the only early batsman to worry the scorers, he ended with 17. Mike Frewin was dogged in defence but found it difficult to get the ball away for runs. Ian Richmond also hung around a long time but just couldn't score runs. Marcus Harris went to the crease & some Damazan players thought the match would soon be won. Unfortunately Marcus was bowled first ball. This came within a wonderful spell from Jake Keen getting a hat-trick on debut for Catus. This was also the first Catus hat-trick, so well played. Riv followed with another golden duck & Damazan were now struggling to reach the target. Gagan also failed to score freely & was soon out but Sanjay played with authority & purpose, defending well & attacking the right balls. Richard Lytton & Goffi only needed a couple of runs to wrap it up, which they did. Wickets were spread amongst the Catus bowlers who, like Damazan, bowled well. Damazan ended on 79 for 9. Swaran 17, Sanjay 18. Jake Keen 4 For 10 off 8 overs & Alex Weaver 2 for 13 off 5 overs.
This was a bizzare match that unfortunately the pitch won. The match was played in a good spirit & it was nice to see the Catus Captain invite back Roy after the pitch did it's thing.
Champagne Moment :- Absolutely no contest for this, Marcus getting a wonderful GOLDEN DUCK. 
Damazan vs Beau Soleil May 29th 2011 - by Pete Matthews 

The weather was hot & sunny with a cooling breeze, perfect conditions for this 40 overs match. The outfield was short & extremely quick. The track had a good consistent bounce all day, this was a 240 pitch if ever there was one. 
Having set out at 2am & driven 650km the Captain of BeauSoleil & his side were welcomed to the club they & opted to bowl first. Damazan openers Pete Matthews & Ian Richmond made quick progress scoring at a rate of 5 an over for the first ten but then Ian was bowled by Prasanda. Very soon after Pete was caught at slip. Sanjay didn't score too many, he's still not found his form yet but I'm sure it will come soon. Goffi found the going tough & was soon out too, Marcus entered the arena & started with a beautifully struck 6, unfortunately he went the same way as Pete, caught at slip. From here on there was little resistance to the BeauSoleil bowling & few runs were added. Damazan scored a very poor & disappointing 134 all out in only 31 overs. Pete Matthews 26. Siyad bowled very well ending with 4 for 25, Droba 3 for 18 & Prasanda 2 for 15
After an early tea BeauSoleil began the easy task of knocking off the runs. Kelum & Janatha opened but didn't score freely with Richard Lytton & Marcus Harris bowling well. The front four batsmen all scored a reasonable amount of runs getting 70 odd between them but they didn't find it as simple as it looked. All 4 were clean bowled but the following 3 batsmen finished the task. BeauSoleil got the 135 required with only 5 men down & only needed 29 overs.  Kelum, 31, Jay 26no & Syad 20. Sanjay finished his best bowling spell this season with 3 for 30. 
Well played BeauSoleil. Thank you for coming so far to play this match, it was an enjoyable & friendly afternoons cricket played with a spirit that all matches should be played in.
Catus vs Damazan May 15th 2011 - by Pete Matthews 

The weather was cool with intermittent sun & cloud for this 40 over match. The ball stayed very low & slow on the track & the outfield was slow due to very long grass.
The Captain of Damazan won the toss & elected to bowl first. Despite difficult batting conditions Catus made reasonable progress despite losing opener Keeble. for 1. Marcus Harris bowled accurately but it was Richard Lytton that caught & bowled dangerous opener Rob Allen only to be called for a no ball several seconds after taking the catch. Rob took full advantage of this dubious decision scoring his 3rd 50 on the trot. Nixon batted well scoring 37 as did Kavanach with 25. Despite spending time with catching practise Damazan spilled several catches which ultimately cost them the match. Catus ended on 191 which was an excellent total.
Allan 56, Nixon 37 & Kavanach 25. John Ayling 3 for 28, Marcus Harris 2 for 22 & Goffi 2 for 41.
After a fine tea Damazan set about their innings with Captain Sanjay & Pete Matthews, progress was slow. Catus bowlers seemed to be able to freely bowl the ball ensuring it didn't bounce more than 6 inches from the deck. Another controversial decision ended with Pete Matthews given out lbw, Catus players clearly stated the ball had rolled along the strip. The only Damazan player to shine was Peter McKenzie, shots were expertly dispatched in various directions, he ended on 24. Damazan ended on a fairly dismal 119. 
Peter McKenzie 24. Nixon 2 for 20 & Worsford bowled brilliantly ending with 5 for 23.

Champagne Moments:-  Peter McKenzie playing by far his best innings for Damazan & the poor old umpire being hit extremely hard, not once but twice.
Damazan vs Eymet  1st May 2011 - by Pete Matthews 

The weather was warm, sunny with intermittent clouds & a slight breeze, perfect for this 40 over cricket match. The strip didn't play perfectly, the bounce was intermittent, the outfield played exceptionally well with very short grass ensuring the ball rolled true & fast. In fact, the Captain of Eymet, said the Damazan outfield was what they were striving to achieve.

Sanjay won the toss & decided that Damazan would bat first. Pete Matthews & Ian Richmond opened but found the bowling of Eymet challenging to say the least. Jones & Jaman bowled quick & true & with the intermittent bounce scoring runs didn't come easily for Damazan. Gradually the 2 batsmen became accustomed to the quicker bowling & runs slowly began to come until Ian was given out lbw, a fair decision compared with the previous match. Captain Sanjay did well until being bowled & by now the opening bowlers had finished their first spell. Marcus arrived & did his thing. 4's & 6's came in all directions & Pete helped out with a few 4's of his own, progress was quick & the score mounted. Unfortunately on the score of 50 Marcus was given out caught behind. With Marcus at the crease 260 was on the cards but 200 was now more likely.  After Goffi got a duck Matt had his debut innings for Damazan & even though he's a very inexperience cricketer he did well scoring 9 before being run out. Richard Lytton came to the crease with only an over left & did well smacking 9 runs off it. Well bowled Jones, Jaman & Morgan, the pace was well above what Damazan usually face. Damazan finished on 203 for 5.

Pete Matthews 67no, Marcus Harris 50. Jones 2 for 25, Jaman 1 for 28, Morgan 1 for 24.

Eymet praised the Damazan tea & then opened their innings with Gear & Riley. With Richard Lytton & Marcus Harris bowling well the 2 batsmen took their time, they didn't worry about scoring runs and played themselves in. Damazan kept the runs down in the first 10 overs but to win this match wickets were needed but they didn't come. When the batsmen were well in they began to hit the bad balls confidently to the boundary. At 20 overs it was quite clear that Damazan were well short with only 203 as Gear & Riley score quickly. Unfortunately Riley wasn't given out when caught by Roy Pederson behind the stumps. Riley went on to score 68 before skying one & being caught by Richard Lytton, the ball had snow on it. Mike Gear displayed what a fine batsman he still is even at the age of 65 & with Jones finished the match with several overs remaining.

Mike Gear 87no, Riley 68 & Jones 32no.           Eymet won the match by 9 wickets. Well played.   

Champagne Moment :-  Matt scoring his first run for Damazan. 
Damazan vs Catus  17th April 2011 - by Richard Lytton 
The opening match of the season was a traditional clash against "locals" Catus. The 40 over classic was played under sunny skies in 24 degree temperature. Catus captain Richard decided to bat after winning the toss against Damazan captain Sanjay.
Catus fielded a strong side and got off to a slow but sure start with opeing bowlers Marcus Harris and Richard Lytton keeping the scoring to a minimum. However, they picked up pace and Damazan's change bowlers began to take a lot of stick. Fortunately for Damazan, Catus were pegged back somewhat at the end of the innings but ended with a well crafted 245 for 6. Catus opener Allen played an excellent innings of 64 and was assisted by the ever reliable Ken Sutton who scored 46 and all rounder Patras who fired a quick 40.  Damazan's bowlers toiled hard with Annis trapping 52 for 2. Marcus Harris chipped in with a great spell of 22 for 1 off 8 overs.  After the usual delicious afternoon tea supplied by Damazan's tea ladies it was Damazan's turn to chase a rather daunting 246 for victory.

The openers Peter Matthews and Ian Richmond got off quick start before Ian was given out l.b.w to a tough decision with the score on 43. Damazan then got bogged down with 5 consecutive maidens baing bowled. Sanjay got out going for quick runs and Damazan's star batsmen Marcus Harris arrived at the crease. The runs started to flow rather quickly with both batsmen scoring freely. Probably the turning point of the match came with Marcus being dropped whilst he was around 30 runs; the two batsmen profited from this and it seemed like the target of 246 was possible with the two at the crease. The partnership was nearly ended when Peter was struck on the chin by a top edge off his bat; he was grounded for several minutes but fortunately only suffered slight embarrasment and a bruised chin.  The partnership was not broken until Damazan reached 223 when Marcus was bowled for 82. Goffi came in and blasted a quick fire 18  and secured the victory with Peter Matthews who carried his bat on 111. Victory being attained in the 38th over at 246 for 3.
Clearly the man of the match, man of the moment was Peter Matthews who played a blinder of an innings with 111 n.o  It was virtually a chanceless innings with many excellent shots; the best batting I have seen from Peter Matthews and a match winning performance.
Not satisfied with this Peter also made the champagne moment with an excellently timed edge that nearly broke his chin. {Didn't seem

Catus toiled very hard against the magnificent batting of Peter and Marcus which was worth 174 runs( must be a record) Best for Catus was Kavanagh taking 27 for 2 and Weaver 17 for 1. All in all a fantastic start to the season and a feather in the cap of captain Sanjay who kept the spirits up and acted the role of captain to achieve a great victory.